Aberdeen Angus

Angus breed of cattle meat quality is at the highest standards in terms of quality due to the selection of animals within the breed to the production of quality meat superiority over generations to the present.

Overall a good quality housing is considered when the youth fattening is done following values ​​(indicative): 65-68% meat carcass, carcass fat and bones and tendons 14-15% 17-18%, first quality meat 46-48% of housing, aiming and meat-bone ratio, expressed as the amount of meat (kg) per kg of bone that typically ranges between 3,5 and 8,3 age race.

Aberdeen- Angus breed slaughter yield is over 60% and youth well fattened between 67-72%, with the ratio of meat – bone greater than 5: 1. Aberdeen Angus cattle breed have a larger amount than conventional breeds.

angus 1 Angus

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