Blanc-Bleu Belge

White cattle breed Belgian Blue cattle originated in important local breeds crossed with England, especially Shorthorn in the late 1800s after World War II has developed a mixed breed conformation favorable for meat production, but also with good skills milk (3.5% fat 4000 kg) ..
Type of meat was further improved to produce a bigger quantity of lean meat and a more favorable conformation as meat production. So far the Belgian Blue breed white is characterized by an extraordinary development of the muscles, meat quality (tenderness) hipermetrică body development, early maturing, high feed conversion efficiency, docility, uniformity and skills maternal genetic cows.

Bulls reach the weight of this breed of 1100-1250 kg with a waistline of 1.45-1.50 m. The average weight of cows is 700-750 kg with height of 132-124 cm. Rasa presents three basic colors: white, blue and black. Of these varieties, the least common is the black.


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