Charolaise is a breed of meat par excellence, being milked cows mothers, nursing her calves them.

Meat production is characterized by:

• quality – taste and finesse;
• amount – due routed crossings, inducing increasing weight of the housing, a good body conformation and a high proportion of quality parts;
• Reduced production costs – manpower, feeding and level of mechanization.
Charolaise has the following weights:

• adult cows from 700 to 1100 kg;
• Adult bulls from 1000 to 1650 kg;
• calves to 7 months: 275-320 kg 310-360 kg females and males;
The main advantage of the breed is very high genetic variability that has many qualities. It allows each animal breeder to choose the type of pet they want to adapt the type of production sought.


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