Color most common is the black, following the color Brumaire, brown and rarely silver or gold.
Is a sheep of robust constitution to fine body Pears and tail feature that re based on a deposit of fat lobe. The head is long and lean, and profile face slightly convex, especially in males.
Rams Karakul use in crossbreeding sheep breed Turcana black or Brumaire.
This breed is operated for skins and milk production.
surface of the skin : 1200 – 1600 cm2;
birth weight: 4.0 to 4.5 KG;
weight adult sheep: 42-45 KG; weight rams: 70-80 KG;
Average milk production goods: 55-60 l;
average production of wool: 2.5 KG ewes; 4.0 KG from rams;
fecundity 95-97%;
prolifically: 105-108%


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