About us

Viande de Gaule is a French company located in Paris (Rungis), France, engaged in the commerce of meat and livestock since 2012 as a supplier of fresh and frozen carcasses and a wide range of cuts: beef/veal, mutton/lamb, and poultry

Since 2016, Viande de Gaule has extended its activity in the livestock market, and now, the company is in the position of evaluating professionally the right sources of livestock as the best fitted for clients’ requirements.

Viande de Gaule offers livestock to its clients for various purposes:

-          Pure Breeds of Bovine, Ovine and Caprine for Breeding

-          Pure and Crossed Breeds of Bovine and Ovine for Fattening and Slaughtering

Viande de Gaule offers a large variety of bovine, ovine and caprine, from pure breeds with pedigree, going through crossed breeds, and meat breeds, to milk breeds.

The company has built strong and reliable connections with professional farmers, slaughterhouses and cutting plants in several EU countries, and, all together, they make things happen: livestock, raised for Viande de Gaule, to be dispatched to  Middle East and North African countries, while carcasses and cuts to be produced and shipped to other EU member countries and also exported to the third counties such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Persian Gulf Countries .

The values of the company may be summarized in the following:

-          Professionality

-          Responsibility

-          Capability

-          Respect

Viande de Gaule is your partner in providing the right livestock and meat for right purpose!

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