13th Jun 2016
baltata romaneasca

Baltata romaneasca

omanian spotted breed is a breed resistance to the environment, the best results are seen in the plains and hills, with continental climate. Under the circumstances continental climate, the heat...

13th Jun 2016


Weight of adult bulls 1 000 to 1 300 kg Weight of adult cows: 650 kg to 900 kg average height at the withers of adult cows: 140 cm ATTRIBUTES...

13th Jun 2016


Use Meat: can be used for milk on a domestic scale Weight Male: 800 kilograms Female: 500 kilograms Height Male: 106-120 centimetres (3.5-4ft) Female: 90-106 centimetres (3-3.5ft)

13th Jun 2016


Galloway cattle meat qualities. Steers and heifers – for meat production – produce quality meat based on cheap rations. Galloway steers aged 23-30 months are slaughtered at 350 kg weight...

13th Jun 2016
angus 1

Aberdeen Angus

Angus breed of cattle meat quality is at the highest standards in terms of quality due to the selection of animals within the breed to the production of quality meat...

13th Jun 2016

Blanc-Bleu Belge

White cattle breed Belgian Blue cattle originated in important local breeds crossed with England, especially Shorthorn in the late 1800s after World War II has developed a mixed breed conformation...

13th Jun 2016


It’s a tall mountain in the red dress pie * supported with well-defined spots. His head and his members are white. It shows good fertility, produces milk with a good...

13th Jun 2016


Weight 680-1180 kg Height 1.5 meters up to shoulder . White color with black, red and white. Life expectancy 10 years physical characteristics Holstein cows are white with black, but...

13th Jun 2016
Simmental 1


Cattle weight is about 600-800 kg and bulls can weigh a ton. - Despite average size, body weight is high. - They have a very high capacity to give milk,...

13th Jun 2016
Mère Blonde d'Aquitaine et son veau

Blonde D’aquitaine

Weight of adult cows: 850 to 1 100 kg average height at the withers of adult cows: 145 to 155 cm ATTRIBUTES MATERNAL ♦ 95% easy calving ♦ Birth Weight:...

13th Jun 2016


♦ 98% easy calving ♦ Birth Weight: 37 kg female / 39 kg male ♦ Weight 120 days, females 151 kg / 164 kg male QUALITIES BEEF ♦ Weight 210...

13th Jun 2016


Charolaise is a breed of meat par excellence, being milked cows mothers, nursing her calves them. Meat production is characterized by: • quality – taste and finesse; • amount –...