Jining Grey Goat

The Jining Grey of Shandong Province, is noted for the attractive wavy patterns of its kid-pelt, which is the traditional commodity in internatinal markets. Does reased in temperate areas and with abundant feed reach sexual maturity at 3-4 months of age, and may give two kiddings a year, or three kiddings in two years. They are very prolific, with a average kidding rate of 294 percent.

Both sexes are horned and carry a forelock. The color patterns vary between black, white or black and white. They are a small bodied goat with the males weighing approximately 33.2 kg (~75 lbs) and the females 25.4 kg (~56 lbs).

The Jining Grey also has some production of cashmere. The production from the males will range from 50-150 g with cashmere fiber being 18-30 percent of the total fleece. Production in the females is lower, ranging from 25-50 g and cashmere comprizing 16-20 percent of the fleece. The fiber diameter in both sexes averages

Jining Grey Goat

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