Appearance: The Appenzell Goat is a pure white goat with mid-length hair. It has a powerful, harmoniously built body. The limbs are powerful and well positioned. The body is somewhat broader than that of the Saanen and therefore somewhat smaller. This goat is bred hornless. The height of the whithers is said to be 75 to 85 cm with bucks, and 70 to 80 cm with the nannies. The male animals are on average 65 kg in weight, and the female approx. 45 kg.

Distribution: The Appenzell Goat is found above all in both cantons Appenzell and St. Gallen (Toggenburg). In canton Zurich only the Zurich Goat is bred (today only very little!). It is a cross between the Appenzell and the Saanen.

Characteristics: In milk production the Appenzell Goat is on par with the other breeds: during lactation between 700 and 800 kg, fat 2.9%, protein 2,7%, lactation duration 270 days. As is generally known, milk production is heavily influenced by care. The number of herd book animals is around 800; the stock is slowly increasing again. This breed was very heavily affected by the CAE-Virus, so that extensive restoration had to be done. Today the breed is essentially CAE-free.

Appenzell goat

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